We select the best coffee qualities for you

Processing of roasted coffee with controlled grinding degrees

Grinding with coffee grinder with several orders of rollers.

Innovation that combines quality, tradition and passion

We transport and package coffee in a modified atmosphere based on nitrogen: we take care of every detail to transfer all our passion for coffee into a cup while maintaining the original taste.


A slow roasting process, air cooling and dense transport of the ground are just some of the details that make the best raw material a coffee appreciated by all palates.


The artisanal approach is the one that enhances the quality and taste of Level 5 coffee.

Coffee storage takes place in a specific area where temperature and humidity are monitored: we have created an artificial dew point, we always keep the humidity within 60% (this is the fundamental percentage for maintaining and optimizing the result. in the cup) and re-introducing the water thus generated into the network.


Careful selection

The raw material is selected in order to guarantee maximum quality and stability. We choose the best raw materials from producing countries around the world (zero defects).


Suspension cleaning

In this phase we use both the suspension cleaner to eliminate any foreign body and the vibro-sieve to eliminate parchment residues.


Roll grinding

We grind the beans with multiple orders of roller mills to keep the percentage of impalpable dust very low. Furthermore, the meticulous  process during the processing phase of the decaffeinated coffee with the double head grinder, allows to avoid any contamination with caffeine.


Transport in Denso and not in Auger

The slow pressure transport of the coffee does not damage the granulometry of the ground product.


Degassing in a Nitrogen environment

We degass the coffee for 12-24 hours, depending on the type of coffee, in our silos where the nitrogen atmosphere eliminates the risk of oxidation.


Protected and Controlled Production

We continue to store coffee in a nitrogen environment even during the encapsulation and packaging phases to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

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Eco-sustainability at every stage of production

Roll Grinding

up to
Capsules daily production capacity

Daily packaging capacity

10,500 m2
Production area

24 months
Shelf life