For Roasting

Shelf life up to 24 months

Coffee encapsulation for roasters



Our encapsulation method is innovative, safe and fast, because it guarantees the utmost care of the product.

Maximum production capacity

An innovative and convenient opportunity.

We offer the necessary technologies and an innovative production process to support every coffee roaster that wishes to enter into the single-portion market.

Suitable for roasters who believe in the quality of their raw material.; By relying on our encapsulation service, they can thus create their own line of coffee capsules in a safe, fast and convenient way.

Self-protected Oxygen Free Capsule, compatible with the most popular systems

We pack in a protected atmosphere thus preventing the oxidation of the coffee

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Eco-sustainability at every stage of production

The entire production process from roller grinding onwards takes place in a protected atmosphere, thus preventing the oxidation of the coffee with particular attention to the protecting of the granule

  • On request we can offer a line of customized blends or made on specific customer indications
  • We can receive your coffee on account
  • Capsules compatible with the most popular systems
  • The right packaging for every sales channel

Total care of raw materials

Our innovative production process and our skills ensure the utmost care of the coffee coming from roasting: we process the roasted coffee with controllable granulometry according to the needs of the coffee itself, we use grinders with multiple orders of rollers to minimize the amount of impalpable powder and we produce an oxygen-free capsule coffee: all in a controlled atmosphere.

up to
Capsules daily production capacity

Daily packaging capacity

10,500 m2
Production area

24 months
Shelf life