Innovative technology for maximum product care

We use the best compatible capsules on the market

Our technology at the service of coffee

Capsules compatible with 5 types of coffee


Optimal sealing

The capsule is not micro-perforated but "self-protected", this allows a high protection against oxidation, with a storage of the coffee for 24 months, keeping the taste unchanged.


Safeguard of Punch Needles

The capsule is equipped with a bottom characterized by a thinner part that facilitates the perforation of the injector of the machine.

parallax background
parallax background
Eco-sustainability at every stage of production

Level5, the global partner for roasters and retailers, is able to offer a complete range of capsules compatible with the major market leading systems.

Technological development and attention to every detail have made it possible to develop capsules that are easily adaptable to the evolution of the most popular dispensing systems today.

They are capable of guaranteeing maximum performance in terms of granule protection, product emulsion and machine infusion.

up to
Capsules daily production capacity

Daily packaging capacity

10,500 m2
Production area

24 months
Shelf life