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Level5 has a wide range of types of packaging to choose from and a high production capacity

Consulting and targeted strategies

A supplier, a consultant, a true partner.

We work side by side with companies that intend to position themselves effectively within the single-portion market through the private label. Thanks to a complete technological process, we are able to follow all the production phases in the best possible way, from roasting to packaging.

Totally customized packaging

We offer specialized commercial advice to always make the best choice. We listen to the customer's needs and give the solution to position ourselves in an extremely competitive sector.

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A line of bespoke blends

We offer a line of customizable blends, from composition to packaging.

We select the best raw material from the main producing countries around the world, following a slow roasting process, oriented to the best result.

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Capsules daily production capacity

Daily packaging capacity

10,500 m2
Production area

24 months
Shelf life